Pickups, Takeaways And Whatevers From NAR

Spent Three Days At A NAR Convention, So What Did I Get From Attending?

As always, one thing that happens, is I hear things that reinforces my own thinking.

For example, David Knox, the most popular speaker at the affair (he sold out every time), was not gung ho on Power Points.  His statements were in agreement with a book I just purchased called, “Throw Away Your Power Points”.  Why?  With Power Points, you have no eye contact, and people are not interacting with you as a speaker.

He did one thing that to me was funny.  When he said, “Turn your Power Point off when you’re done covering that segment and continue speaking”.  Then, he blew at his screen and the Power Point went off.  Yes, I am easy.

Knox Talked About Improving Sales Meetings

Two biggest thoughts were: START ON TIME, and number two: END ON TIME. When I start a seminar now, I immediately take a vote.  All those in favor of starting on time, please raise their hands.

The Set-Up Of A Meeting Room Is Also Important

Two things; If you schedule a meeting room and have 50 chairs arranged and sign ups were not great (you only have thirty) take out the twenty extra chairs. Second; most meeting room staff want to set the chairs up quickly, so they set them very close together. Your students will suffer with tight quarters all day. Move them out, the students realize what you are doing and are happy to help.

You want people to sit up front as a speaker, but students want to take a seat way back in case they want to disappear without being noticed.  Lately, I have started putting the course materials on the seats up front.  Only thirty students coming? You only put out thirty sets of material.

One well known real estate speaker sets out a minimum amount of seats.  Those fill up quickly.  Some more and chairs are brought in.  They fill up and the move in is repeated until all students are in.  Students are upfront and it looks like a sellout.

Also, I Attended The Lender’s Forum

And they had the big boys in a panel. The panelists included CEO’s or presidents of Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase and Quicken.  My feeling:  I came away optimistic that the lenders believe that they will be able to work within the new regulations coming from CFPB. Banks are sure profitable right now.

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