Alert, Alert, Alert From California BRE: Worth A Few Seconds

BRE Just Sent An Alert Concerning Education For California Real Estate Licensees

Also, any others interested in BRE approved classes. This should be read by all Affiliates, Association, and students who partner up with providers, as BRE calls joint ventures on Education.

There Is One Very Interesting Link

It is entitled: Current list of disciplined course providers.

This shows which providers have been told, no more presenting courses. Also, for those who are still interested, it states that you can read their hearing documents, where you can see where they were doing to be sanctioned.

The Other Link To Check To See Which Companies Have Courses Approved

If you sign up to take a course from someone, complete the course and then find out the course had expired or had never been approved, you will be taking the courses again.  You have been warned.

Also, the Education Department’s phone number is listed for other questions or comments:  916-263-8703.

We Checked All Of The Provider’s Numbers In Use Today

The lowest number which would signify the longest standing provider is number 0054, held by Duane Gomer Seminars. We have been around a long time, too long some people say. One of the latest numbers is over 5200. We have seen many come and we have seen many go.

See you in class.

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