More Info On The New Tax Reform As Some People Call It

I Call It The New Tax Cuts

Not too much reform in my opinion, and I believe that my tax return due April 15, 2019 will be more complicated than ever before.

Now, the 1986 Act that was reform. It sure reformed the Commercial Real Estate Business when it drastically changed depreciation rates and did not allow Passive Losses to be deducted from Active Income. Destroyed Small Syndications in one swoop.

Many Of You Readers Pay Dues To Realtor Associations

They publish many articles, so you should get your money’s worth and read some of them. The National Association of Realtors has some outstanding one page articles on six different topics. Check them out at

I recommend that licensees get them and email them to everyone you know. Or be old-school like me and get them printed, print a professional cover letter and hand them out, or heaven forbid, actually mail them to someone with a personal note. All we have to sell is information and service.

What Are The Titles?

#1- What Homeowners Should Know About Tax Reform?

#2- What Homesellers Should Know About Tax Reform?

#3- What First-Time Buyers Should Know About Tax Reform?

#4- What Realtors Should Know About Tax Reform?

#5- Tax Change Example for Realtors.

#6- First-Time Buyer Example

These Are All Simple, But Basically Most Of The Changes Are Simple

The one change everyone, and particularly Real Estate Agents, should study now is the 20% Deduction On Certain Income. Learn this now for you might want to get advice on whether you should be making some changes to your method of payment of income. For most people 1.5 months of income is now been paid. Move now and ask your adviser. The money you save may be your own.

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