Affordability In California Housing

affordable housing representing low cost house 3d rendering

Those Words Do Not Seem To Belong In The Same Sentence

It is a true oxymoron. But are there any ways to speed us to more affordable housing?

Jon Lanser Published Some Of His Thoughts On The Subject, Tongue-In-Cheek I Believe

Some of them are speeding up the market so that the 300,000 vacant rentals and 80,000 empty homes can be filled post haste; the reliance of cities on sales tax can change to income tax so cities would target housing improvements to get more taxpayers; builder’s inventory would have an expiration date; more incentive can be given to over 55 to downsize; more incentive can be given to builders to build swanky over-55 housing to get those people to move from their homes; creative partnerships can be fostered between big employers and developers, pension money can be created for housing mortgages, etc.

Two That I like Are Creative

When you build your next UC schools, build them in areas like Barstow to get students out of the major metro areas into areas where student housing could be built inexpensively, also lowering student debt. Also, stagger business hours like we did during the Olympics. Non-essential government and other offices work noon to 8:00 PM or 11 to 7.  Then, people could drive in from the outlying areas in a normal time span.

Sometimes I am driving back from the desert after a seminar with little traffic, and the other side of the road is not moving. Those Freeway Warriors are heroes for driving those distances to get their family better housing.

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