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Andrew Guilford Mentioned That Joel Mallord And He Had Written An Article

About baseball’s Infield Fly Rule in 2015. It is written as a legal brief and was published in the University of Pennsylvania Law Review. At that Joel was a clerk in Andy’s office. In him college life he had been the head person at that prestigious Law Review.

A legendary brief concerning the same topic had been published 40 years before in 1975. In this case the sequel was much better than the original.

Some Legalize, Footnotes, And Lots Of Subtle Humor

Of course, it is very partial to the Dodgers and Maury Wills, but so be it. You will enjoy reading it but as I told Andy that I would quote Bills on this. “Much ado about nothing.”

Let’s do something about the length of games. World Series games last past midnight in rainstorms.

Also, using relief pitcher for one batter means the pitcher has to warm up and stay warmed up. And team owners wonder why there is so much surgery. Surgeons should send expensive Christmas gifts to baseball executives.

To read Andy’s link go to Time to Drop the Infield Fly Rule.

To read the original article go to Time to Drop the Infield Fly Rule and End a Common Law Anomaly.

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