This Lady In Red Is Sunny Tamblin, Realtor/Broker/Officer

Known to DRE as Sonja Suzette Tamblin, License Number
00404499, of Sunny One Realty, Irvine, California.

A Couple Weeks Ago I Went To The OCAR Annual Membership Meeting

It is now the largest Association in our State so the meeting was huge, held at the Improv in the Spectrum. I came early to get a seat down front and sat down across from Sunny. 

Sunny Mentioned She Had Heard I Was From Wisconsin

I said, “Yes, lived on a farm outside Black River Falls.” She said that she grew up in Black River Falls.

Her home was on Main Street and my grandparent’s home, where I stayed a lot, was on Pierce Street. Two blocks over. I walked by her home hundreds of times to go Downtown to the movies, etc. while she was living there.

She Left Town To Go To Stephens College

The outstanding all woman’s college in Columbia, MO. I left that area to go to Racine where my father had gotten a job when I was 11. Then, on to Indiana University years later.

We both ended up in Real Estate in Orange County and ended up at the same table in Irvine. That is amazing. 

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