Many People In Real Estate And Banking Have Extremely Poor Views Of The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Too expensive, too regulatory, waste of taxpayer money. As most of you know, it was a product of the Dodd Frank Act.

However, they have recently produced some great source materials for everyone, especially for young people starting out on their own.

We send them to college ready to attack the academic world and give no advice on how to handle their money. Some graduates finish college with debt that will constrict their life options for many years.

CFPB Designed Three Booklets

They describe the books as:

“These colorful, compact booklets can help you talk with people about money topics that are important to them. Each booklet includes a selection of simplified tools from the Your Money, Your Goals Toolkit-all focused on a common financial stressor.”

Quoting their website,

Book one: Behind On Bills? Start With One Step

Book two: Want Credit To Work For You? Start With These Steps

Book three: Debt Getting In Your Way? Get A Handle On It

You can order free copies of the books or read them online. They are colorful and range from 22 to 24 pages

I plan to order a supply and make them available for my family and friends. They are worthwhile. I came out of high school knowing nothing about money, except that I didn’t have much. Should have read books like these.


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