HBO Hits Another Winner For Me

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HBO Hits Another Winner For Me

Last newsletter I mentioned that DJ and I loved the movie, “Get Out”. This time I want to mention an HBO special, “Wizard of Lies” starring Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer. You all know the story and the ending, but it is really worth watching if Business movies are your stead.

This Is The Story Of Bernie Madoff, Who Made Off With Around $65B

Yes with a B.

For many years, while being revered as one of the greatest stock trader in the world, he was just taking the money and not investing it. The classic Ponzi scheme.

The Movie Is Based On The Book Of The Same Name By Diana Henriques, Who Is In The Film

She interviews “Bernie” in prison and creates most of the narrative.

The plot is extremely similar in a sense with the Michael Milkin escapade if you followed that story about the junk bond trader who went to prison. Milken scammed a lot of people and paid over a $Billion in fines.

He was sentenced to ten years in prison, but got out after 22 months and is now a Billionaire and considered one of the most prominent civic citizens in the LA area. Bernie’s sentence was 150 years, so he will be in forever.

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