Important Facts About Getting A RE Salesperson License

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Most Important Fact: We Are Here To Help

We are a long time California-only company, so we know the rules really well.  Check us out with any Association as we work with many, and we also work with top companies around the State.

Our Specialty: Informative College-Level Courses To Qualify Someone For The Salesperson State Exam

We offer:

  • Outstanding textbooks, you will receive both an online and hard copy
  • Practice questions to prepare for these tests

Reminder; our course exams are multiple choice, open book and a passing grade of 60%.

You do not have to attend classes for many nights. Study at home and then move on.

Then, We Recommend That You Take Our LIVE Test Prep Course

This is not a state requirement, but so helpful.  We have so much confidence in our materials that our course is only one day.  If you fail the exam after taking our course, we let you repeat it at no cost. If you fail a second time, we refund your fees for the Prep Course.  If you do not pass, we do not get paid for the Prep Course. (We have refunded very few due to not passing).

Another Point: You Have To Allow About 53 Days To Complete The Qualifying Courses

This is a State rule. The time starts running when you register, not when you start testing.

Then, you have to allow at least one month to get a test date so we recommend that you start stat.

We also offer a monthly pay plan so start now stat.

The Passing Grades On The Salesperson State Exam Are Now High:

For example, April was 55%. That is high so start now stat.

The Numbers Of  Salesperson Tests Scheduled Is Increasing Again:

An average of 4,281 this fiscal year and 3,628 two years ago. So start now stat.

Signing up for a course of this type is best done by phone, as there are so many questions that you should ask and so many tips and recommendations from our experienced registrars.

Call 800-439-4909 or email [email protected] or visit or text 949-584-2508 or mail to 23312 Madero, MV, 92691. But do not fax, no one does that anymore.

Let us help you start a new career.

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