Purdue University Purchases Kaplan University (Remember They Bought Anthony’s Real Estate Schools)

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This Is An Interesting Merger For Me

Being from Indiana University, there is not any great affection for Old Purdue.

Then, Kaplan bought Anthony Schools some years ago, and now they state that they are the top provider of education for real estate in CA. I think that Allied, First Tuesday, Real Estate Trainers and I would not believe that assessment.

However, now Purdue University has purchased Kaplan with “plans to turn it into a new nonprofit Indiana public university for “non-traditional adult learners”.

Purdue said that the new school will operate mostly online, and gives them the ability to expand services to more working adults and veterans.

This Is Not A Final Deal As The U.S. Department Of Education Must Approve Of The Deal

The Obama administration rejected similar deals, but now we must wait to see what Betsy decides.

Some very interesting quotes from a USA Today article; do not badmouth USA Today as they have always been my morning friend away from home. Yes, liberals do not like it because it is not liberal enough, and the conservatives do not like it because it is too liberal. And nobody liked Al Neuharth.

Quoting: Barmak Nassinian Of The American Assoc. Of State Colleges And Universities:

“It is a Faustian deal and nothing says land-grant like handing one of the crown jewels of American higher education to a bottom-feeding operation.”

Bob Shireman of Century Foundation, a Washington think tank:

“This transaction is like that of a restaurant with a bad reputation simply erecting a sign reading under new management. And this deal reminds me of the movie, “Get Out” with Kaplan’s predatory brain transplanted into a Purdue body.”

Last week I said that this movie is the best movie of the year so far and it is on rental so now watch it.

One Last Note That I Thought Was Interesting To Me:

The purchase price was $1.00 and that is no misprint. I was not offered much last year, but it was better than that. And the beat goes on.

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  1. Mark Goode June 19, 2017 at 9:17 am #

    How is your RE broker program

    • Duane Gomer June 19, 2017 at 3:38 pm #

      We think our RE Broker Program is the best in the West? So do our students, If you have any questions, go to our Website at duanegomer.com call 800-439-4909. Did I say that is the best value for all the flash cards, textbooks, practice exams, live instruction, glossaries, personal service, etc. that you receive?

      See you in class

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