Sample Questions from DRE Reference Book

Sample Exam Questions

Ever wonder what the exam questions will look like when you turn on your computer at a DRE Testing Center? On a recent flyer we posted eight sample questions from DRE. Take a look at them and check your answers. It could prove interesting.

1- A valid bill of sale must contain:
(a) Date
(b) Acknowledgment
(c) Seller’s signature
(d) Verification
2- A person holding title to real property in severalty
would most likely have:
(a) Life estate
(b) Estate for years
(c) Ownership in common
(d) Sole ownership
3- Community property is property owned by:
(a) Churches
(b) Husband and wife
(c) Municipality
(d) Community
4- A contract based on illegal consideration is:
(a) Valid
(b) Void
(c) Legal
(d) Enforceable
5- In calculating effective gross income figures, an
appraiser makes a deduction for:
(a) Property taxes
(b) Repairs
(c) Vacancies
(d) Depreciation
6- Under no circumstances may a broker:
(a) Receive a commission from both buyer and seller
(b) Appoint a sub-agent
(c) Misrepresent material facts
(d) Sell property to a relative
7- A valid deed must contain all of the following except:
(a) Signature of Grantor
(b) Granting clause
(c) Adequate description
(d) An acknowledgment of grantor’s signature
8- There seems to be one question that is on most exams,
how many sq.ft. in an acre?

Answers: 1-c; 2-d; 3-b; 4-b; 5-c; 6-c; 7-,d; 8-43,560

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