The Little Known DRE Form 149: Comparative Production Statistics For March

RE 149

The title for this form would be: What’s up at DRE, who’s testing, what % is passing, who’s renewing, and how many investigations.

This form is not on the DRE website. If you want to start receiving the RE149 monthly, you must mail a request to the DRE. If you would like to see our copy, send your request to [email protected] with RE149 in the subject and we will email it to you.

What’s Included?

  1. Total licensees increased to 433,715, a grand total of 286 more than last month and 2,223 more than last year. Consider that the maximum was 548K around 2010, there is plenty of room for more licensees.
  2. Broker exams administered were 213 or half of last years’ 433, and salesperson stats were 1,920 versus 3,532 in 2019.
  3. Passing rates were 56% for sales and 53% for brokers which is similar to prior years.
  4. Renewal rates were 74% for brokers compared to 85% last year, and salespersons renewed at a 75% rate compared to 79% last year. Normally about 80% of salespersons renew and 90+% of brokers renew.
  5. Investigations, audits, desist and refrain, hearings, accusations, and license denials all dropped. In state subdivisions stayed about the same but out-of-state subdivisions increased substantially. Now why is that?
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