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Follow Up To Loan Pre-Approval

I Discussed The Reasons For Getting Pre-Approved For A Loan Before You Start Shopping For A Home Does getting approved beforehand guarantee that you will get the loan you want. Again, quoting the National Assoc. of Realtors, “Being pre-approved is not a sure-fire way of obtaining a loan either”. Yes, after you get approved, many things could go […]

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Buy A Rental Home With An IRA

  Yes, That Statement Is Correct You can buy a rental home with one of your IRA’s. Financial Planners talk about diversification of your portfolio. Think that some Real Estate might be better than all in the Stock Market at this time. Start moving and check out Purchase with an IRA or as we have […]

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R.C. Gorman of Taos, N.M.

Estate Sale Followers, You Missed This One

    Hidden Treasure Right Under Everyone’s Noses Carole Kim is Director of Publications at Duane Gomer Education. Her mother-in-law recently passed away. Carole organized a large house full of many priced objects to be ready for an Estate sale in the beautiful city of Wildomar. One item was a painting, actually a large framed […]

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Are You A Billionaire

Billionaires Are All Around Us So Says Forbes

Read the 2015 report from Forbes on updating the status of our friendly Billionaires.  Bill Gates is still at the top with $79.2 Billion, a rise from $76B the previous year.  Second place and closing fast is Carlos Slim Helu, the Mexican telecommunications mogul with only $77.1B.  Third is our old friend, Warren Buffett, who […]

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