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Last Week In A Post The Question Was Asked

“Do you think that people who are going to sell their house, have already been looking or buying somewhere else, either up sizing or downsizing?”  I believe the answer is yes, so in your promotions you should be asking for listings, but also trying to become an expert in possible move-up and move-down areas. Double your income, double your fun.

Today, another question that I learned from the legendary agent, Donna Marie Baldwin, of San Mateo County.  Some time ago she was a student to renew her license, and after hearing her story, I did an interview tape for a Series of Super-Stars of Real Estate.  She is good.

Her Approach:

Mr. and Mrs. Client, I want to be your real estate agent.  In fact, I am applying for the job.  Therefore, I would like to give you a copy of my resume listing my background and real estate history.  Then, give them a nice, concise, one page Resume.

It is so much easier to list some of your achievements on paper for when you talk them, it can sound egotistical or pompous. List simple personal information so they know a little more about you the person.

Try it sometime. I have used it for years, thanks Donna.  A copy of my resume and a photo flyer are attached below. I did mine a little different, listing where I have lived, jobs I have held back to college days (bowling pin setter, that was a while back), titles I have held, and then basic facts about our company.

One Last Thought That I Know Works From Student Feedback

You come into some one’s house, and they know little about you except maybe a referral from a friend of theirs.  Download your Status Sheet from the CalBRE website, and show them that you have a current license and have never had a sanction.  No one ever does this.  If you are a Broker Associate, tell them how this can help them.  Good luck out there.

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