Quick Commercial About a Real Estate License

Quick Commercial About Getting A License

2015 will be a year where the number of people getting a real estate license will increase dramatically.  Why?  Because the numbers have been increasing in 2014, and yet the number of licensees is about 137,000 lower than the peak in late 2008.  Get in now before the market is crowded again. What is the […]

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Had to have a rental re-keyed today.  The locksmith handed me the old key, and I proceeded to drop it.  Of course, it bounced once off of the counter and went right into the garbage disposal. No key anymore. It was clearly there, but our hands were too large to reach in and get it. […]

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Jordan Cohen

Headline in LA Paper: Realtor Scores for Pros

The subject:  Jordan Cohen of Westlake Village ReMAX Olson Associates.  Why the title?  He has sold homes for among others Reggie Bush, Pete Sampras, Marcus Allen, Kobe Bryant, Marilyn Manson, etc. etc. etc. Seeing an article about Jordan/ReMAX Olson really brings back the old memories.  First, Jordan’s parents were two of the nicest Real Estate […]

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