Attached is a photo from the first game in LA on January 15th, 1967. As you can see, there were not too many people. They announced that the Coliseum was two-thirds full.

David and I were there. The first thing that we remember was that the game was boring, and the Chiefs were outclassed in this game. They played scared.

The second thing that we remember was that just before the game started everyone was asked to stand up and move towards the 50 yard line. They wanted to group everyone so when they showed a shot of the stands, it would not look deserted. We moved a long way from our $10.00 seats towards the $50.00 ones. Never happened before and has never happened since.

David went to the Super Bowl with me so in 1968 Danny went with me to the UCLA-Houston semi-final in the final four. UCLA led by Lou Alcindor revenged a loss to Houston and Elvin Hayes, 101- 69. Debbie got to go to the final game, and UCLA beat Dean Smith and North Carolina, 78-55.

The only other final four I ever attended was 1975, San Diego, when John Wooden won his last NCAA title and won his last game. Thank you Dave Hollinger, wrestling coach at UCLA for the great seat.

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