Words From The Past:

In The Past Years I Presented Many Live Seminars

Up to six a week sometimes.  It has been a sincere pleasure and especially gratifying when students from the past, past, past have come up and told me that they had used some of my advice over the years.  A couple of quotes from them:

To be successful in a small business, keep your overhead low and your ego low.

If things aren’t working out, go back to the basics on what got you started.  For me, this is getting into my car and going to personally visit Associations and other past sponsors.

If You Want To Be More Successful Than You Already Are

You have to introduce yourself to one or both of these two groups, employees or tenants.

If you want to become more successful in real estate, become a Broker Associate instead of a Sales Associate.

When Should You Hire Your First Assistant?

When you want to make money!  What if you don’t have enough money to hire an assistant?  That shows you really need one.

Dave Baldwin was one of my young Pop Warner football players and became a Division One Head Football Coach.  In a San Jose newspaper article he was asked which coaches had made an impact on him.  He answered, “Jack Elway because he gave me my first jobs at Stanford and San Jose State, Dennis Erickson because he taught me the one back offense, and Duane Gomer who as my first coach always kept emphasizing “It’s got to be fun, be sure to make your practices and your games fun and the victories will come.”  By the way, that is also great advice for the field of real estate.  Keep smiling for they may be gaining on you and be sure to never let them see you sweat.

And always remember when you reach your goal line make sure you are still carrying the football (friends, families & associates). It is kinda important.

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  1. Jim Arthur September 23, 2018 at 7:13 pm #

    Those are great!
    The one CE Seminar I had with Mr Gomer was in 1991 in the San Francisco Bay Area.
    He asked, “When you receive the DRE newsletter in the mail, what articles are you particularly interested in? Trust funds? Sales data? New requirements? New laws?
    I can look around the room and know that probably most of you go straight to the Disciplinary section to see who lost their license.”
    We all just looked at each other, knowingly.
    They published all the names back then.

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