The Spring issue of the NAR Magazine had an excellent article on this topic. The local Realtor and National Realtor Magazines are always worth the time to review. There is a valuable quote at the end of the offering. By Tim and Julie Harris from their book, “Old School Etiquette for a New World Communication”. “Communicate more than you think you should–with clients, colleagues and your broker. Lack of communication is the number one client complaint”

Several steps are listed to consider for your protection:

    #1- Clear your cookies

    #2- Swap your search engines

    #3- Switch from passwords to pass phrases like StinkyDuckSoup529!

    #4- Enable two-factor authentication on all accounts

    #5- Beware of smart tech’s capabilities

    #6- Know your rights

Author Burton Kelso, owner of Integral, also states that you should really protect your important information and watch for scams. Here is link to the article click here

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