A NEW 2023 LAW

To qualify to take the Brokers Exam, an applicant must show that they have two years licensed experience in the real estate field or a college degree with a major or minor in real estate or equivalent experience in real estate related occupations such as escrow or lending.

The experience must be within the five year period immediately prior to the date of the application for a brokers license. This law states that the college degree may be considered even if completed more than five years before the application.

The requirement that the degree must be a real estate major or minor was passed a few years ago. Many current brokers used degrees in different majors to replace experience. Russian Literature, Recreation, Home Economics, etc. were used. No more. And the number of brokers being certified has dropped drastically. I believe if someone has a degree in Business, Accounting, Law, Management, etc. they should qualify. They still have to take all the courses and pass the State Exam. Some people can sit in an office and get one day’s experience repeated 630 times and complete no sales and qualify.

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