My Mother


On the 24th Of October my mother would have been 109 years old. Breast cancer shortened her life to 79 years. Hate any cancer.

Some years ago I posted a Mother’s Day Recap. Time for a repeat.

In a recent post Bishop John H. Taylor quoted Bern Williams, “Sooner or later we all quote our mothers.”  Yes, I am guilty.  My mother used all the clichés and as much as I tried not to do so, I did repeat “Because I said so is why,” “This hurts me more than it does you,” etc.

My favorite, “Those who dance must pay the fiddler.”  She used this whenever I was slow getting up from a long Saturday night, or if I forgot homework and got a bad grade. Another; when a good looking man would appear on TV, “He can put his shoes under my bed anytime.” Another I never quite understood was when talking about a complainer, she would say, “That person would complain if they hung him with a new rope.”  God Bless Mom, hope you and Dad are enjoying where ever you are. And hope you are still winning every Jeopardy game played.

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