IRS Warns Everybody About Tax Scams

Yes, I Know That Tax Returns Were Due On April 18th.

But this post is for those people who got extensions and also for the Corporate people who already had extensions. These scams are throughout the year, and you should be ready again in 2018.

Here Is A Recap Of Their “Dirty Dozen Scams”

#1-  Phishing:
The crooks will send out fake emails, texts, letters, build a website, etc.

The IRS always says that they will never initiate contact with taxpayers via email or text.

Love the word. It is a homophone from the word fishing.

It is pronounced the same, but this one means a scam by someone using “bait” to catch you.

#2-  Phone Scams:
They will threaten arrest, deportation and license revocation. Their techniques are masterful.

#3-  Identity Theft:
The thieves love to file fraudulent returns to get the refunds.

One thing I recommend strongly on this, “Be sure you owe the IRS money, a big return means that you lent the Government money at no interest for the year.”

#4-  Return Preparer Fraud:
Do not use Joe’s Tax Preparation and Screen Door Company.

#5-  Fake Charities:
IRS want you to know that they can help check out the status of charities.

#6-  Inflated Refund Claims:
The connivers love to get you to sign a blank return and many times will do your tax return for a % of the refund. Then, the return is fake, and you better hope you never get audited.

#7-  Excessive claims for Business Credits:
Enough said.

#8-  Padding Deductions:
Especially on charitable donations, you better have receipts for anything over $500.00.

#9-  Falsifying Income to Claim Credits:
Like making your income larger so you get the Earned Income Credit.

#10- Abusive Tax Shelters:
Can you say Wesley Snipes? He was in jail about 3 years and still under house arrest.

#11- Frivolous Tax Arguments:
Like the government can  not tax you, because there is nothing in the Constitution that allows this.

#12- Offshore Tax Avoidance:
If you believe these people, you deserve the trouble you will see. Interesting: many of the tax scams are run in community groups and one major source are church members.

Enough to think about for a while.

Just Find a Good Tax Man And This Time Of The Year Is A Good Time To Shop And Ask Questions.

Well, it might be a little longer because they got their returns and extensions out and now they are finishing first quarter reports.

Check back around May 15th.

See you in court.


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