DRE Updates Position of Use Of Electronic Signatures

Electronic Signatures

This is a page 1 headline on the Summer 2021 Real Estate Bulletin. It might be important to your financial health.

DRE had interpreted Civil Code Section 1633.3(b) to preclude the use of electronic signatures on both the Mortgage Loan Disclosure Statement and the Lender/Purchaser Disclosure Statement. They have concluded that electronic signatures, including those on the MLDS and LPDS, are legally enforceable under Real Estate Law.

You might want to read the latest bulletin and an article in the Spring 2021 Bulletin. All the current and past Bulletins are on dre.ca.gov at DRE Bulletins. Check them out, you might be glad you did. The word fiduciary relationship keeps popping up regularly so get all your i’s dotted and your t’s crossed. The money you save might be your own. 

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