Check Out the CalBRE Winter Bulletin; Vol. 75 #4

What Happened to the Sanctions/Penalties Section?

For many years, the DRE used to send licensees a Quarterly Bulletin concerning important aspects of Real Estate Licensing.

For long-time veterans, you know that the first thing that we did when we received our copy in the mail was to check the Sanctions/Penalties, and to see if we knew anyone who had lost their license.

Those days are now gone, probably forever. First, Sanctions are now viewable on the CalBRE website.

It is still all there and you can check to your heart’s content, just keep hoping that your name never appears there. The Bulletin is still published four times a year, but the standard method of delivery is on the website. You can send a letter to CalBRE and request a copy to be mailed to you.

Interesting Winter 2016 Issue Was Just Released.

First, and foremost, the announcement of a new Chief Deputy has been installed.

From all my observations and contacts with the Bureau, the choice was outstanding. His name is Dan Sandri, who was the Chief Auditor before his promotion.

This position does become extremely important whenever there is a vacancy in the Commissioner’s chair. Dan Sandri will do a fine job, you can bank on that.

The issue includes the Commissioner’s Message, Legislative Update, and a comprehensive ten page treatise on California Law and RESPA Law concerning kickbacks. This article exceeds most of our attention spans, but it is valuable reading. It answers many questions about compensation.

Print it out, hand it out, read it out, and keep on hand for questions that come all the time. The license you save may be your own or some of your associates.

One section that I want to highlight is, “Begin the New Year With Some CalBRE Housekeeping”.

Key Points of CalBRE’s Houskeeping Article

#1Locate Your Real Estate License: If you can’t find it, you can print out a new one through E-Licensing ( tidbit: when we submit a class for approval, we are instructed to eliminate any reference to DRE, but the CalBRE still has DRE in different links.

#2Review and Confirm Your Contact Information: If it has changed since your last renewal, you are required by regulation to notify the Commissioner no later than 30 days from any change. This can also be done online at “Update Your Information” through E-Licensing.

#3Review and Confirm Your Business Address: Brokers must maintain on file their principal place of business and any branches. Brokers working for another broker must have on file the address of where they expect to conduct most of their business. Salespersons must maintain on file the address of their broker. The easiest way to check this is on the Public Information Tab on the web page, and then change any out-of-date information online.

#4Make Sure You Know the Exact Date of Expiration of Your License: Remember you can renew your license online on the day it expires or send it by mail postmarked by that date. The penalty is half of your regular license fee.

#5Check the Website Periodically: Be sure to follow “Licensee Alerts and Advisories”. These updates are very valuable. You can read the current Bulletins and past Bulletins and many other helpful Publications. Check out the complete list of Publications. There is info on Trust Funds, Agency, Reverse Mortgages, etc.

#6Keep the Bureau’s Phone Numbers Handy: Ask licensing questions to 1-877-373-4542. Learn all the Regulations, before a time arises when you need to know the Regulations. I have seen so many licensees questioning me about Regulations after they have done something that does not appear to be right. Forewarned is forewarned. Don’t think so? Check the current lists of license suspensions, restrictions, admonishments, and so forth.

#7From the Old TV Show, Hill Street Blues: Now you be careful out there.


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