Can An Applicant Be Denied By CALBRE? Quick Answer, Yes

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Of Course, There Is A Regulation And A Form

The form is RE 229 and is entitled “Avoid Potential Denial of Your License Application”?

A background investigation is conducted on all license applicants and disclosure of a conviction or failure to disclose a conviction may result in a recommendation of a denial of a license. Interesting form, but it still leaves some room for imagination.

There Is The Bureau’s Definition of “Conviction” Convicted

This includes a verdict of guilty by judge or jury, a plea of guilty, a plea of nolo contendere or a forfeiture of bail in the courts (including military courts) of any state commonwealth, possession or country. ALL CONVICTIONS MUST BE DISCLOSED, NO MATTER HOW LONG AGO THEY OCCURRED AND EVEN IF THE PLEA OR VERDICT WAS SET ASIDE, THE CONVICTION IS DISMISSED OR EXPUNGED UNDER PENAL CODE 1203.4, OR YOU HAVE BEEN PARDONED.

What have I observed in having a license for 54 years? It is a mixed bag. Some convictions or misdemeanors will result in no license, while other convictions/misdemeanors can be on your record and you get a license.

The Form Lists Some That Are Real No-No’s And You Can Guess Most Of Those:

  • Murder
  • Burglary
  • Bribing a Public Official
  • Tax Evasions
  • Perjury
  • etc.

Also there is much stricter enforcement when the crime relates to real estate functions and duties. I have never seen driving violations or DUI’s on this list.

One Interesting Case That Came To My Attention:

When a person did not list a conviction. License denied. When I talked to a Deputy, he said that if the person had disclosed the conviction the offense would not have stopped the license. But not disclosing it was much more severe and thus no license.

How Do You Find Out Information About Your Case?

The only way is to fill out an application for a license. They seem to be unwilling to talk unless someone has applied. This means take the three classes to be qualified to apply, and then pay the fees. If the answer is yes, no problem, just pass the exam. No means no and for further insult, they do not refund any fees.

Want to check it out?

Go to: and search for Form RE229 Revised 9/13.

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