What Are The Future Movers And Shakers Thinking Today

What Movers and Shakers are Doing TodayAccording to the National Survey of college freshmen from the UCLA’s Higher Education Research Institute (which has done this poll for 49 years),  the general  overview shows that college freshman party less and worry more about money than previous graduating classes.

The percentages for College Freshman who:

Feel that financial success is very important or essential:  82.4% in 2014; 73.6% in 2004 and 70.4% in 1984.

Drank beer occasionally or frequently:  33.5%; 45.5%; 68.8%.

Smoked cigarettes frequently:  1.7%; 6.4%; 7.3%.

Death penalty should be abolished:  41.1%; 33.2%; 26.8%.

Liberal or far left:  31.7%; 29.4%; 23.2%.

Mental health worse than most others:  12%; 7%; 3.5%.

Plan to get a master’s degree:  44% highest ever.

Earn a doctorate or professional degree:  33% highest ever.

Students saw their parents and others experience economic problems while they themselves were in their teens, and feel that they will need more money to be comfortable. A Bachelor’s degree may not be the end of their education.  Plus they have worries about college costs and student debt. I sure hope they consider student debt, because so many young couples today are saddled with so much.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed that they do so well they will take over the “greatest generation ever” title from the World War Two heroes.

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