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One I really like was by Bum Phillips, one of my favorite NFL coaches. He said about Don Shula, “He can take his’n and beat your’n, and then your’n and beat his’n”. Shula said that it was one of the best compliments he ever received.

One coach who said about an outstanding college prospect (most of you have heard this, but that doesn’t mean I can’t like it) “He doesn’t know the meaning of the word Fear, but then looking at his high school grades he doesn’t know the meaning of many words.”

The coach in the South who was given a lifetime contract after a great bowl win, and after losing the next two years the State Legislature declared him dead.

Jack Elway was the coach at Cal State Northridge when his son graduated from high school at Granada Hills High and was very highly recruited. Jack had no chance against getting him away from Stanford, but he said that he would even sleep with John’s mother, if he could get him to CSUN.

Jake Gaithers was the legendary coach at Florida A & M and a legendary story teller. At a clinic  he told the story about a man in the stands yelling, “Give the ball to Leroy” turning up his Southern accent. On the first play the other running back is knocked out of the game, on the second play the tight end is carried off the field, on the third play the quarterback is laid out cold. After every play the man keeps shouting, “Give the ball to Leroy.” After the third play one player yells out of the huddle, “Leroy don’t want it.”

Bobby Bowden story: A mobster called the head coach before a big game and told him to lose the game or one of his children would be kidnapped. The coach thought awhile and said, “Which one?” Drum roll, over and out.

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