Baseball Is Over

Washington Nationals

I admit that I was hoping that the Nationals would win for the first time in history. And they did with road teams winning all seven games, now that is amazing. The Cubs finally won a few years ago, so now we can start rooting for the team that has not won since Gibson’s home run.

The TV timeouts are so long. I have to record and then watch. That is what happens when the networks pay so much money for access. Of course, players can turn down contracts of $180,000,000.00 for 6 years of playing a game. Pitchers who make $20M a year are not considered good enough to start and finish a World Series game. I can see Drysdale, Gibson, Spahn, Koufax and others working a bullpen game.

Batter Up

Recorded games seem to take forever. My new policy for speeding up games: If a batter has two strikes and hits a foul ball, they are out, just like bunting on a third strike. This would speed up the game, fewer pitcher changes, reduction in pitcher surgery, and no more 14 pitch at bats working to get a pitcher to their pitch count limit. BTW, I like the automatic intentional walk and the DH. Who wants to watch pitchers bat (except for Greinke) and who wants to watch some pitcher throw four bad pitches because once every 1,000 batters someone will try to swing.

And I do not like the shifts. Simple rule: Two infielders on each side of second base. That is the way the game has been played forever. There is precedence. No zone defenses in B ball. Seven men on the offensive line in football. Blue line in hockey, and soccer has many lineup rules that I am still trying to learn. Have to get some 8 year travel team player to explain them to me.

So Much to See

What a country, sports all the time. Now, who will have the better SPECIAL Round Ball team? The Lakers, Clippers, Rockets, Jets, etc. I do not like so many players changing teams every fortnight. And high school and college transfer rules are not good for sports. Let’s have teams that stay together for four years. Some of the players in the World Series had been on as many as eight teams.

Where will Hurts be playing next year?

Say good night Gracie.

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  1. Teresa Chavez Spraggs November 6, 2019 at 10:34 am #

    How about a one to waste on the 3rd strike. If 4th strike is foul then an out.
    Thanks for the take on baseball. I am a Senior Softball player and play 3 to 4 times a week plus tournaments once a month…

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