Duane Gomer Education Gets Monthly Grades From CFPB

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Excerpts From NMLS Surveys of Our Students

Check them out. Positive and well managed course;  Looking ahead for next year’s class again;  A real learning experience;  A+;  Funny and knowledgeable;  Will use them in the future;  I can’t imagine doing it with anyone else;  Sense of humor is very effective in keeping me attentive and engaged;  Wealth of knowledge;  Relevant to every day work;  Made the day fly and much better than sitting at a computer for eight hours;  Course was over before you knew it;  Experienced and very engaging;  Absolutely great;  Be back next year;  Kept all us high strung originator engaged and presented info a lot of us did not know;  Learned so much more by interacting with other students;  Beats sitting in front of a computer;  Absolutely outstanding and expertly fielded questions that weren’t in the materials;  No errors in the materials;  Well-presented and well-focused;  Procedures were well outlined and everybody followed the format;  Been taking Gomer classes for 20 years with no complaints;  Knowledgeable and interjects the right amount of humor;  Subject matter was current and relevant;  Top notch;  and many others.

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