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10 Things To Never Say To A Real Estate Agent

Many articles are written about how real estate agents should treat clients. Be positive, alert, answer phone calls and return electronic messages at once, be available, etc. Jaymi Naciri wrote an article from the other directions. “10 Things To Never Say To A Real Estate Agent.”

Buyers and sellers, you might say, “Why do I have to bother?” Agents are like street cars, one comes along every ten minutes, and they all go to the same location. Yes, of course, some never get there, but there are differences. I would think a client would want one of the best and have a great relationship with them so their thoughts are always about you.

Remember they will be negotiating for you as you will not be presenting your offers and making all the needed disclosures to keep you out of trouble later.  You want a knowledgeable professional doing those functions. I got my license, December 9th, 1961 so I have seen many agents come and have seen many agents go. There are differences, get a great one.

  1. That price is ridiculous. Most agents will be doing homework to see if the prices are in the ball park even if not in your wheel house.
  2. Zillow said that my house is worth $40,000 more. Zillow prices are a good read if you are curious, but look not at your house only. Zillow prices vary sometimes as much as 61% according to a LA Times survey.
  3. I know what my home is worth. Sure.
  4. I have a perfect credit score. BTW, it is 850 so you might want to check yours again.
  5. I’m not going to bother getting pre-approved. If you were selling, would want to know that your buyer can pass?
  6. I have between $200,000 to $2M to spend and number of bedrooms is not important. Good luck getting that sorted out.
  7. I am not doing any repairs on my home. Wait until you see the professional inspection.
  8. You can cut your commission. I would like to repeat my favorite David Knox story on this question.

Seller: Will you cut your commission?

Agent: No.

Seller: Why not?

Agent: I do not want to.

Seller: Why not?

Agent: I will not make as much money.

9. After looking at many homes; we are not ready to buy, we just wanted to look at homes.

10. Can you give me advice, as I do not want to pay a commission? This is normally asked of relatives and friends and then they list with a high-powered, big advertising agent.

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