Dating In Today’s Marketplace

Dating and Real Estate Terms

A student reader asked me to please send a copy of my shtick used in class about dating and real estate terms. Hadn’t done it in a long time, but it came back.

  • Caravanning: Checking sources of possible dates, including online, friends, bars, etc.
  • Open Listing: You are dating someone, but everyone is free to date anyone else.
  • Exclusive Listing: What we used to call years ago, going steady or pinned or like-like.
  • Opening Escrow: Engaged.
  • Closing Escrow: Getting married.
  • Notice of Default: Separation.
  • Foreclosure: Divorce.
  • Lease Option: One night stand.
  • Notice to Perform? No comments
  • Proof of Funds: No 2nd Date without a FICO.
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