Why You Should Consider A Duane Gomer Notary Class

In A Recent Post

I noted that the State of California Secretary of State’s office gives info on student’s grades from exams given by Sponsors who have paid the State Proctors to give the exam right after the class at the same location where the course was offered. An excellent idea not done by the NMLS and DRE agencies.

Good News For Duane Gomer Seminars

In March and April of this year we had 100% passing rate in all of our classes. In the following months we have some 100% classes and in the others no more than one student failed.

This Means That You Should Really Consider Our Courses

We have outstanding instructors, which is the name of the game. Bob, Randy, Jay, Minnie, Judy, Gus, and others must be doing something right.

Passing the first time means no cost of retesting, no time wasted in restudying, finding a location to retest, pr lamenting why you failed. You are already notarizing.

Call 800-439-4909 or go to Notary Schedule and take the first step to becoming a Notary. Signing up for our 6 Hour Notary Prep Crash Course. ONLY $129.99.  Become a Notary. And remember the only thing standing between you and a Notary Commission is a 6 Hour Course and 30 questions. See you in class.

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