Why Have You Never Considered Getting A Real Estate License? (A Short Commercial)

A Real Estate License Might Be A Good Addition To Any One’s Future

I am not implying that you need to work in Real Estate full-time, but there are several other reasons. Part-time money, could try it during a slow spell in your employment, referrals from your friends, referrals after retirement from Real Estate, flexibility if you are ever considering Property Management, Investment Sales, use when you start investing in rental properties, etc.

Today, I Am Talking To Parents

I believe that during some lazy college summer days, your child might consider studying for the Real Estate Exam. Why? They would learn about Real Estate, and when they later buy a home they would have more background to make a better decision and perhaps earn a commission.

Have You Ever Heard This During A Summer?

I’m bored, there is nothing to do.  Now you could say, go study.

Yes, high school should present classes in Income Tax Law, Real Estate, and Credit Management.  They don’t so we should improvise.

You say that I have a Hidden Agenda in discussing this because I want them to sign up for our easy, inexpensive online program.  My Agenda is not hidden.  I said upfront at the top that this is a commercial.

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