Want To Become A Mortgage Loan Originator The Easy Way

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The Steps Are Simple

The process more difficult. What are the requirements?

#1- You must complete a 20 Hour Course covering Mortgage Lending Principles &Practices

#2- Pass a 125 multiple choice examination with a grade of at least 75%

#3- Pass a financial check

#4- Pass a background check.


The financial check is not too invasive. I have not heard of anyone failing it. The background check is looking for criminal convictions of a moral turpitude nature and none of you have those on your record. The 20 Hour Course is time consuming, but we’ve had no one fail that course in the past year. So the only obstacle is Door Number Two. About 35% of the applicants fail the exam.

Recommendation On How To Pass:

Simple. Take the 20 Hour LIVE Course from Duane Gomer Inc. We use the respected Hondros text book, and have outstanding LIVE instructors. This establishes a foundation. Then, sign up for our one day LIVE Exam Prep Crash Course to make sure you are confident and ready for the exam. Our passing rates are outstanding.

Final Thought:

Yes, you can take the exam with no CRASH Course and you can take the courses ONLINE. There might be a higher cost to LIVE classes to pay for meeting rooms and our professional instructors, but it is very costly to fail the exam. There will be retest fees, more study time, travel and a day to do the exam again, and stress of failing.

Pass the first time. LIVE is better. Call 800-439-4909; this big an endeavor should be started with correct information so talk to one of our LIVE customer service gurus.


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