Do You Or Anyone You Know Want To Become A Loan Broker? We Are Ready To Help You!

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Become A Loan Broker In 3 Steps

  1. The first step in becoming a State Licensed Loan Broker is to complete a 20 Hour Course.
  2. The second step is to take a Test-Prep Course and then study hard.
  3. Third, pass the 125 question National Exam. Pass an Honesty Test, etc. and you can start making loans.

We Are Now Doing The 20 Hour Course LIVE

Our company specializes, if I may say so, in LIVE classes in California for Loan Brokers, Real Estate Licensees, and Notaries. It is difficult to find a good 20 Hour LIVE course. Most providers have you study online for over 20 Hours and if you forget to click for a few minutes, you start that unit over.

What Should You Look For In A LIVE Class?

The reputation of the company (ask around).  How long they have been around (Experience). But the most important thing is the Instructor. Paramount.

To illustrate this last point for our company, I have included a few testimonials from a class in San Diego held a few weeks ago. The instructor was James Eszlinger, one of our very top Speaker’s of the Year, who is an acclaimed speaker, but also a successful practicing loan broker.

What Did The Students Think Of James? Here Are Some Of The Comments:

“Very informative and fun-great combo”, “awesome and great job”, “100 out of 100”, “five out of five”, “exceptional and the best”, “outstanding”, “best teacher ever”, “attentive”, “helpful”, “knowledgeable”, “kept it fun and engaging”, “10 out of 10”, and many more.

Perhaps you should check him out. He will be doing more locally.

Our Prices Are Competitive, Even With Online Courses.

Also, we have textbooks, power points, flash cards, glossaries, practice exams, and LIVE costumer service. We will get you passed.

The cost is only $455 for both courses and this includes the Federal Fee of $12 and all the costs of the materials mentioned above. Check that price with other companies, and remember we are the best.

Want to sign up or get more information: Call 800-439-4909; email: [email protected]; or go to See you in class.

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  1. alexander piana February 17, 2018 at 3:47 pm #

    For feb, looking to get broker license . Currently with sales persons Lic. What’s the discount price for feb?

    • Customer Service February 22, 2018 at 10:57 am #


      We are currently offering 15% off all of our broker courses for the month of February only.

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