IRS And Their Collection Efforts

In A Previous Article I Mentioned That IRS Was Hiring Collection Agencies To Help Them Collect Delinquent Tax Payers.

It did not go well.

In A Report From The Agency’s Taxpayer Advocacy Service, They Spent $20M In 2016 And 2017 To Collect, Wait For It: $6.7M And There Is A Question About $1M Of That Amount.

Other items:

  1.    The IRS paid commissions for payments that IRS itself collected.
  2.    The collection program targeted low-income taxpayers.
  3.    It placed some taxpayers into repayment plans they couldn’t afford.
  4.    The bill collectors did well in the first months because they disposed of the “easy” accounts.
  5.    The collectors received the most complaints of any section of the IRS.


Perhaps, the IRS should get some advisers who have worked in for-profit companies. There seem to be many in government positions but none at the IRS. The IRS needs help.

I Have Seen Many Movies Where The Mafia Seems To Excel At Loan Collections.

OR, they could check some of the top schools in the US. Did you know that the top-rated College for Entrepreneurship Studies for years has been Babson College in Wellesley, MA? This is according to the famous Princeton Review.

Little Babson (3,113 students) beat all the biggies.

The only California school in the top 25 is Loyola-Marymount.

Many years ago at Indiana University I discussed the fact that the school did not prepare you for small business in my “Honors” essay.

They did not appreciate my opinions at all. If I had it to do over again, I would hope to find a school for Entrepreneurship. Of course, they would have to have a tennis team. I do not want to pay $49,664.00 annual tuition to Babson.

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