Kathy Kelly, Executive Officer at South Bay Association of Realtors

Kathy Kelly and DuaneThis is Kathy Kelly, Executive Officer at the South Bay Association of Realtors.  We met again at a Realtor Expo and found out that she had been coming to my classes for many years, since she got into Real Estate.  Also, we are both Wisconsin Natives. It is always to pleasure to work with the South Bay, love their meeting room.

In present times South Bay AOR is presenting many of our classes.  Starting March 21st we will be offering our Live Crash Course for BRE Test Preparation, both for Brokers and Salespersons.  These classes are under the direction of Ernie Alonzo, Special Events and Education Leader for the Association.

For more information go to http://SouthBayAOR.com  or call 310-326-3010.  Of course, Duane Gomer Education can discuss the meeting as well, you can call us at 800-439-4909.  See you in class.      

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