If You Are Not In The Obit, Eat Breakfast

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If You Are Not In The Obit, Eat Breakfast:

This is the title of a new documentary on HBO that I can definitely recommend with the greatest of recommendations. I had gone many months without seeing anything of value, but in the last two months I have recommended the movie, GET OUT, and then the HBO film, WIZARDS OF LIES about Bernie Madoff starring Robert DiNero.

Eat Breakfast Is The Baby Of Carl Reiner

Yes, that Carl Reiner, 95 years of age. Old boomers might even remember him from the Sid Caesar TV show or as the man behind the Dick Van Dyke show, maybe the best sitcom of all time. His vitality is contagious. Check out this movie, you will love it no matter your age.

Obviously, it is about people who are aging in style and still enjoying life at elder ages. Others interviewed include Tony Bennett (saw him last summer and he still is tops), Mel Brooks, Norm Lear (at 94 my favorite-last year he drove solo from CA to NY and thought nothing of it), Betty White at 95, and many other non-celebs who are doing amazing things.

Several Women Are Also Featured:

  • A woman who is still running in track meets after 102
  • Irving Fields who was still playing piano every day at the Park Lane Hotel at age 101
  • A 98 year old yoga teacher
  • A 95 year old fashion designer
  • And a D-Day parachute jumper who is still jumping at age 93.


However, The Best Bit For Me Was Dick Van Dyke Doing A Dance Routine

Still has it. He nailed it. You think back to Mary Poppins, Bye Bye Birdie, and so many others. He is doing a new video on this show at the young age of 91. Not bad for a nice young man from Danville, IL.

Yes, I loved it because I may not be 90, but I ain’t far from it.

Some People Ask Me How I Still Have The Energy

People ask how I can do an 8 hour seminar and drive to a new spot and do another the next day. I have one speaker Minnie Lush who does six of them in a week some days so I am an amateur. It’s all in the mind.

How about finding something about which you are passionate and find a way to get paid for it. If you love your work, it ain’t work. I believe a lot of this aging is by luck of the draw, but I also believe that being extreme in many different aspects can be bad, such as smoking, drinking, no exercise, no fun, poor food habits, and not having something to do after you read the obits and have breakfast.

Also, It Is Very Important To Marry Above Your Pay Grade And Hold On

That has been important in my well being.

Does Anyone Remember That George Burns Was Going To Do Vegas When He Was 100

He made 100, but he got sick about a month before the date and could not do the show.

Jerry Seinfeld (63 years) was in this show. He was inspired by Burns and to honor George plans to do a show in Vegas when he turns 100 on April 29, 2054.

Henceforth, I am calling David Stefanides at the Orange County Association of Realtors and scheduling a seminar there on January 4, 2031.

See you there.

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