Why Become A Broker? Tip #054

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To all Real Estate Salesperson Licensees with over 2 years full-time experience: If you asked any client, what are the designations such as SFR, BPO, EPro, SRES, etc., how many of them would have any idea what they mean?  I ask my licensed students that question and a majority have no concept of what they are and what needs to be done to get one.

There are many outstanding designations as I have said before such as CRS, CPM, CCIM, and I respect people who have taken the time to get this additional education and certification. But our clients do not know what they mean.

I Personally Believe That The Public Knows That There Is A Difference Between A Broker Associate And Sales Associate

A Broker has to take five additional college level courses and pass a difficult full-day exam. The latest figures from the State of California Form RE149 show that only 50% of the examinees passed.  Also, about 20% who take the classes and sign up for the exam never take it.

What Should Broker Associates Do When First Meeting A Prospect?

Download a copy of their license status on the BRE website and show clients that they are one of the few the proud, etc.  Tell them only 50% of the people who take the exam can pass it.  Show them the RE149 (BRE Statistics) and ask, “Do you think that with my extra education I might be a better person to handle the most important decisions you will ever make?”

What Should You Do If You Are A Sales Associate?

Call 800-439-4909 and find out what your personal broker requirements are and get started on your way to “Brokerhood.”  You can pay your fees with Duane Gomer Seminars over a monthly payment plan, and if you know someone who recently took our Broker Courses, talk to them about “borrowing their books” and get a discount.

See you in class.

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