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The Fall issue of the DRE bulletin was recently released by Commissioner Douglas R. McCauley. Worth reading if you are interested in Real Estate in any way. This is not an advertisement disguised as a news release, this is from the agency that enforces all Real Estate Regulations, so beware and behold. 

 First, read this issue online DRE Real Estate Bulletin – Winter2022

Some interesting facts:

1) DRE has 376 staff positions and a budget of $52,117,000.00 for 2020-2021 budget. This is paid by DRE license fees, testing charges, fines, and other sources, but no State taxes.

2) At the end of fiscal year 2020-2021 there were 458,955 licensees. This is still below the heyday of licensing when there were approximately 580K. There are 135,867 Brokers and this number is dropping yearly ever since CAR pushed a new regulation to eliminate the use of a college degree (except a major or minor in Real Estate) to substitute for the two year experience requirement.

3) There were 25,806 licenses issued and of that amount 3,890 were Brokers. That is a percentage of around 15%. I checked the figures from 10 years ago and the percentage of Brokers was 34%. If the intent of the CAR Board of Directors was to eliminate Brokers getting a license with just a college degree, they have accomplished their purpose.

4) Some other data:  313 licenses revoked, 116 licenses suspended, 482 audits, $308,528 consumer recovery funds paid and 5,863 complaints received. 

If you want to know more about DRE stats such as passing rates, renewal percentages and so forth go to the website of dre.ca.gov and in the search line enter “Comparative Production Statistics” and read the famous form RE149. Figures for November 2021 are the latest available.  

So in conclusion, use the DRE website and their Facebook, Twitter and Spanish information. The money you save could be your own. And you can always read who got sanctioned and who lost their licenses. That used to be in the bulletin and it was the first and in many cases the only thing you read when it was mailed to you. I always saw the name of someone whom I knew.

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