They Are Leaving For College Soon

College Students

Jaymi Naciri Had Some Excellent Ideas What To Consider When Packing Your Children, Grandchildren, Or Friends For College

They are used to so many amenities at home that will be missing from their new dorm or other room. Some suggestions follow:

Rolling storage, velvety hangers (thinner than regular), command strips (to save repair costs later), over-the-door mirror, dust buster (probably will return home with lots of life left), bedside tray for quick need items, long phone charger, portable charger (at least two), top quality laundry bag, Britta pitcher, foldable chair, custom first aid kit, small fan, etc.

Duane Gomer Thoughts For These New Tenants:

I used to give them an extensive amount of quarters and other change (times might be changing), healthy/healthy snacks, an emergency picture of Benjamin Franklin, email and phone lists of important relatives to them, important info on nearby Target/Staples, emergency numbers for their new location, baseball bat, photo of their beloved parents, etc. etc.

Parents Of First-Time College People:

Be prepared that they will come home for the first time maybe Thanksgiving (hopefully to show that they have made new friends so they are not home every weekend as we want them to be happy, though, we miss them lots), and they will drop some laundry at home and go out with their home-town friends.

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