Three Easy Steps To Becoming A Real Estate Licensee: Check Out Our Crash Courses

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Let Me Give You A Couple Facts:

In the peak of the Real Estate Chaos (in 2007), there were over 548K Real Estate Licensees in California. Today, there are around 420K and growing very slowly.

Stats are showing that total volume of sales is at all time highs, logically means that commissions are at all time highs.

Time to try something new. Real Estate Time. Come on in, I have had my license since December 9, 1961, Number 257862.

Step #1:

Contact Duane Gomer Education (949) 457-8930 or [email protected] or and purchase the (3) home-study courses that you need to complete to qualify for the State Exam.

Pass the (3) hundred question open-book exams with a grade of at least 60%.

Step #2:

Contact Duane Gomer Education and purchase the LIVE One-Day Exam Preparation CRASH Course. This will get you ready to pass the exam.

You will pass or your fees for this course will be refunded. That is what we think of our course.

Step #3:

Register with the State and pay your License fees and pass a background check. You are ready to go.

What Is The Cost To Carry My License For A While Before I Am Ready To Start?

Only $61 dollars a year or about $5 a month.

What If I Am Short Of Money Right Now?

Duane Gomer Education has a payment plan. Get started studying now.

Would Any College Courses Count Toward The Three Required?

Yes, many applicants get credit for any Econ, Business Law, Finance, etc. classes.

How Are The Passing Grades For The State Test?

Right now they are running about 55%. But our rates are higher than that.

Check us out, Money Back Guarantee.

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