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Our little boutique company earns money by assisting people to pass different exams including Notary, Real Estate, Mortgage, and soon we want to try Insurance and Appraisal.  We are always looking for the latest data on test taking.

There was a recent study done by the University of Chicago.  If you grew up in the Midwest like I did, you were taught that University of Chicago was an outstanding institution.  If they do a study, I listen.

What did they say?  Psychologists at the University of Chicago have discovered a quick and easy way for stressed-out students to avoid choking on a high-stakes test: Take a few minutes right before the exam to write about all those fears.


A study published online by the journal Science found that anxious students given 10 minutes to put their feelings down on paper performed significantly better than their peers who wrote about other topics or did nothing at all.

In our test materials we will now recommend this technique.  A few years ago a test study stated that chewing gum during an exam helps a student as does smoking, but I don’t know any place where smoking is allowed. The Notary test allows students to write on the test, and that is a better system.

Final Note

The tests for Mortgage Loan Originators and Real Estate are all done on computers.  I would like to see a study as whether this method improves grades.

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