How To Communicate With Someone Under 35

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This problem is not new, it has always been there. Now, the players and the fields have changed.

In business I have always had one motto. If someone communicates with you, you communicate back in that same method. In the past if they mailed, we mailed. If they used something called a fax, we faxed. If they phoned, we phoned, and so forth.

I have some amazing, wonderful, educated, intelligent grandchildren. Communicating with them must be done right if you want a quick response. With mine text first.  If I want to have an old-fashioned phone call, I first text or Facebook message to tell them I am waiting.

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Allen C. Buchanan, a commercial real estate broker-guru and newspaper columnist, mentioned a technique that worked. He needed a quick response so he said to his adult children, “We are discussing an early distribution of our estate, please call.” He got the calls immediately about an upcoming week-long family vacation, and explained that the vacation qualified for that statement. I do not think that would work with Gomers.

So, the business young’uns will be communicating in text, snapchat, tweet, Instagram, Facebook (not so much as they think that this is grandparent land), and they do not have a land line or a watch. So your job with clients is to determine what to do and when to do it.

Make Any Website, Viewer Friendly And Give Out Your Text Number

Be prepared for communication at later times. Remember millennials do not make restaurant reservations until 9 or 9:30 so that is the shank of the day to them. Do not expect immediate thanks for any presents or gifts. They do not expect them so they are wired not to do them. Many of them never learned cursive, so hand-written notes are out. Some of them have never seen a stamp.

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