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If you want there to be a change in your life, you must make some changes.

Peter Drucker

Another Druckerism – In this type of market, you should not spend excessive time making extensive long-term business plans. You should analyze the chaos around you and react quickly.

How About Equity Sharing, Seller Carrybacks, Syndication?

1. Equity Sharing:

Placing an investor owner and a renting owner into a partnership (tenants-in-common) to buy a home.

This was used in the early 90’s when buyers could not qualify and/or did not have enough down payment. Start studying now.

I did some Equity Shares, and they were successful but you need outstanding legal advice to prepare contracts. CAR has a great Q & A on this subject.

2. Seller-Carrybacks:

A valuable tool as a buyer needs less down payment so they can buy a home.

The seller defers taxes to a later time, plus sells their home quickly and for a higher price, and earns interest for many years on money that would have gone to pay income taxes.

3. Syndication:

For a couple decades I was a “Boutique Syndicator”. I would find a good- size apartment unit and solicit investors to become limited partners with me as general partner.

I would earn commissions going in and a commission going out plus management fees during ownership and as a double plus a minor percentage of any gain.

These were small non-public syndication to keep legal costs low and back in the “old” days I could have a maximum of only ten investors.


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