There was an interesting overview of the IRS Taxpayer Bill of Rights in a Tax Tip email sent to me by the Internal Revenue Service (hope you are now a subscriber). The overview includes 10 important categories of rights of which you should be aware.

#1: The Right to Be informed: Be told what you have to do.

#2: Quality service: Prompt, courteous, professional service and

freedom to speak to a supervisor.

#3: Pay no more than the correct amount of tax: Only that which is

legally due plus any interest and penalties.

#4: Right to challenge the IRS’s position: Yes, you can object.

#5: You can appeal a decision to an independent forum:

#6: Right to finality: Deadline should be known.

#7: Privacy: IRS must comply with all privacy laws and be no more

intrusive than necessary.

#8: Confidentiality: IRS may not disclose your information without your


#9: Retain representation: You can be represented by professionals.

#10: Expect fairness:

Good luck when you get the audit envelope in the mail. For more information Click here

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