Would it be the UC president Michael V. Drake, the Governor, Head of a large UC Hospital, etc. No, the highest paid employee for this year and next year is Chip Kelly, the UCLA Football Coach. He made $5,600,000 in 2021. That works out to about $700,000 a win. Seems a bit high.

Chip is by far not the highest paid football coach in California. USC’s records are private, but Lincoln Riley made $7,600,000 at Nebraska and decided to come west. Sean McVay, the LA Rams Coach, made $8,500,000 in 2021 and a new contract is being discussed. We also have Bill Belichick in the $12,000,000 range and Nick Saban at around $9,500,000 with several reachable bonuses.

So parents, do not raise your children to be cowboys, real estate agents, mortgage loan originator’s, notaries, or educators. Put a play book in their hands on the way home from the hospital and have daily video viewings. They have to learn the difference between cover 2 and straight man to man plus what Peyton Manning is doing when he yells, “Omaha”.

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