Vin Scully’s granddaughter and my grandson Grant were in the same grade at St. Mel’s School in Woodland Hills. They both were in the annual school play which that year was Grease. His grandchild had the lead and was excellent.

On graduation day the school has a big evening, full-house, long mass with communion. We were seated and the Scullys came in a few minutes later, and Vin was setting right in front of me. Now, having been to three prior graduations there and other important services, I know that they do a “Wish your neighbors, Peace be with you” and people do this in a rather wide radius.

It was obvious that soon I would be shaking hands with the legend, and I didn’t want to come up with something lame like “Enjoy your work”. When he turned around with that smile and extended his hand, I came up with; “Your granddaughter was great in Grease”. Got a big smile and a proud thank you.

His wife did not quite hear what I said, so she asked him. He repeated it to her, and she turned to me with her smile and said, “Thank you”. They may be big celebrities, but underneath it all, they are still grandparents.

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