62 Seems To Be Coming Earlier

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In Real Estate There Are Certain Birthdays That Have Special Meaning

  • 18- You can sign a contract or become a real estate agent
  • 55- You can move into age-controlled housing
  • 62- You can get a Reverse Mortgage

So, Loan Originators

You should note any friends, associates, enemies, acquaintances, and others who are hitting the major purchase age of 62. You would be surprised. They do not look that old.

Some celebrities turning 62 in 2018 include Tom Hanks, Mel Gibson, Joe Montana, Whoopi Goldberg, Debby Boone, Bill Maher, and Michelle Bachman. Bill Gates is also turning 62, but I do not think that he needs a Reverse Mortgage or a Reverse Mortgage Line of Credit.

So check out anyone who looks 42, or who mentions that they graduated from high school in 74 or who were 7 years old when John F. Kennedy was assassinated. 1956 was a very good year.

Don Larson pitched a perfect game in the World Series, and Duane Gomer finished U.S. Navy Supply Corps School. Then, he shipped off to Wiesbaden, Germany to serve as an Ensign with the Rhein River Patrol.

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