The Cycle Of Real Estate Life

The Last Few Years We Have Been Hearing The Old Refrain, “We Need Inventory”

Now, I am hearing the old refrain, “We have too much Inventory”.

This Means That What Goes Up, Will Come Down

What comes around, goes around; stay long enough in one spot and you will see history repeated.

Self-important pundits, prognosticators, and market analysts will start writing articles filled with words that I have to look up. It is really simple.

It could be that in 2019 coming up shortly we will be moving into what is called, for lack of a better name, a buyer’s market. Yes, we have had a seller’s market for many years that followed a depressed market, after a foreclosure market, and so forth. Each market might require a little tweak to an agent’s approach.

If Everything Is Still Working, Keep Going

If the market is slowing for you, you might spend some time now looking for good buyers. Inventory levels are up, there are price reductions, longer selling times, and soon expired listings.

Want some more info from past buyer’s market, go to my blog and read a recent post about seven new ideas. 7 Ideas For Real Estate In This Market

Keep an eye out for a new class we will be doing about “Building Your Own Buyers”. See you at the closings.

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