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Best story: A speaker was projecting a live example of a real estate agent rating site, “Incredible Agents.”  He pulled up the listings of agents in the city in which he was speaking and started to read.  A rating said, “This agent was the worst agent in the history of mankind.  The only thing she was interested in was getting my husband into bed.”  The agent was in the audience.  So much for “live and in living color.”

Marriage Comments:

The other day we were discussing happy marriages and the increase in divorce rates for people over 55 came up.  It is just flat out increasing.  One writer whose name I cannot remember said that it is ironic that you need a State License to fish, hunt, sell real estate, drive a car, cut hair, sell food, etc. but you need no license at all to have children.  Also, you need a contract to buy a house, rent an apartment, get a loan, etc. but need no written contract or disclosure to get married.   I recommend you get a FICO score before a second date.

Alert To Male Real Estate Agents Old Enough To Get A Reverse Mortgage:

A new hobby for you.  On our cruise there were four Ambassadors.  These were men whose sole job was to dance with the single women about 3-4 hours a night.  In exchange for this arduous schedule they get free cruises on Crystal which start at a cost of about $500 a day.  One gentleman told us he spends up to 200 days a year on different elite cruise ships.  Great way to see the world; brush up on your tango, rumba and salsa.

Homeland Security:

Best speaker story of the week from a great Political speaker on our Thanksgiving week cruise.  “Homeland Security wanted to do a test so they took four briefcases and filled them with fake bomb parts.  They placed them in four USA airports.  Despite the many announcements of “Don’t leave baggage unattended“ the results were interesting.  In three of the airports the briefcases sat for 15 hours with no pickup by security.  The briefcase left in the Chicago airport was stolen.  Don’t mess with O’Hare.

Great Jobs:

A student said recently, “I would love your job, you just talk all day.”  I’ve had some great jobs.  One in Germany years ago was Athletic Director for USAF Germany, running Sports Events all over Europe.  At Indiana University I worked nights in the Girl’s Dorms making sandwiches, milk shakes, etc so I know great jobs.  By the way, doing seminars is not as easy as it looks.  Most of the work is completed before you start talking.  Getting people to pay to hear takes effort.  Still, it is the greatest of all possible jobs.

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